A Brinton Cooper III


A variety of research, study, and learning experiences are available.  These can be


·       paid positions

·       independent research for interest and enjoyment

·       independent study for academic credit


and can involve


·       modeling and simulation

·       analysis

·       laboratory work

or combinations thereof.



Opportunities for Students


An opportunity exists for a student who wants to learn about mobile wireless communications and networking.  The work involves the design of waveforms for a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) communications link, implementing them on a software-designed radio platform, and gathering and analyzing performance data.  The student must be available a few hours per week, most weeks, until the end of the semester and be able to work in June and July.  This is a paid position.



Opportunities exist for a few students to create Matlab analyses and simulations of encoding sequences used in multiple access communications over fiber optic cable.  Students should be comfortable with mathematical analysis and experienced with Matlab.  These are paying positions.



Projects are available for students who desire academic credit for independent study or for “undergraduate research.”  Areas of interest include optical fiber communications, mobile wireless communications, and coding for error control in noisy channels. Opportunities are available for analysis, simulation, and laboratory work.  These are non-paying positions for students who want academic credit or who just want to have fun while learning something new and exciting.