• Keynote Lectures:

    From hierarchical to open access operations and planning
    in electric energy systems

    Prof. Marija D. Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University

    Systems biology: A stochastic paradigm for modeling,
    analysis, and identification

    Prof. Mustafa Khammash, UC, Santa Barbara
  • Talks by Students and Postdocs (Continued):

    Stochastic stability in self-assembly
    Fox, Michael, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dynamics of human perception in sequential choice tasks

    Goldfarb, Stephanie, Princeton University

    Defining performance tradeoffs for multi-degree-of-freedom
    bilateral teleoperators with LQG control

    Griffiths, Paul, Johns Hopkins University

    An infeasible constraint-reduced interior-point method for
    linear programming

    He, Meiyun, University of Maryland, College Park

    Optimal sleep patterns for serving delay-tolerant jobs
    Kamitsos, Ioannis, Princeton University

    Asymptotically optimal motion planning using incremental
    sampling-based methods

    Karaman, Sertac, MIT

    Redefining observability for distributed estimation:
    Relationship between connectivity, observability,
    and stability

    Khan, Usman, University of Pennsylvania

    Synchronization of semi-passive mechanical systems
    Liu, Yen-Chen, University of Maryland, College Park

    Simplificaiton of sequential teams
    Mahajan, Aditya, Yale University

    Vehicle routing in wireless ad hoc networks
    Moazzez Estanjini, Reza, Boston University

    Robust identification and model (in)validation of
    hybrid systems

    Ozay, Necmiye, Northeastern University

    Multi-vehicle control in a time-varying flowfield
    Peterson, Cammy, University of Maryland, College Park

    Control strategies for regulating ergosterol levels in fungi
    Porter, Joshua, Johns Hopkins University

    Disturbance attenuation in the presence of stable additive
    plant perturbations

    Sabau, Serban, University of Maryland, College Park

    Nonlinear observer for kinematic motions on SO(3)
    Swensen, John, Johns Hopkins University

    Consensus algorithm for computer vision
    Tron, Roberto, Johns Hopkins University

    Perturbation analysis, optimization and games in stochastic
    hybrid systems

    Yao, Chen, Boston University

    Energy efficient electronics cooling ĘC Systems and control

    Zhang, TieJun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Price of anarchy and price of information in N-person
    linear-quadratic differential games

    Zhu, Quanyan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Talks by Students and Postdocs:

    Reachability analysis of nonlinear and hybrid systems
    using zonotopes

    Althoff, Matthias, Carnegie Mellon University

    Asymptotically optimal detection via running consensus:
    Large deviations analysis

    Bajovic, Dragana, Carnegie Mellon University

    Flow representations of games: Harmonic and potential

    Candogan, Utku Ozan, MIT

    Feedback-based Monte Carlo computation of FIM for
    multivariate normal distribution

    Cao, Xumeng, Applied Physics Lab at JHU

    Rank-sparsity uncertainty principles and matrix

    Chandrasekaran, Venkat, MIT

    Real time optimization of switched systems
    Ding, Xu Chu, Boston University